SECRETS of Using an LLC Masterclass

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Build a Strong Foundation

Define your challenges to create manageable action steps for success.

Reduce your Taxes

Discover how to rapidly implement a strategic plan to adapt to changing situations.

Protect your Assets

Keep more of what you are working for. 

What will you get?

Once you register, you will gain immediate access to The 4- Part Secrets  Masterclass.

• You can watch them on your own time. 
•You will have complete access to replay each module as needed.
• You will be able to ask questions throughout your journey
• One on one customized consultations.

What will you learn?

A lesson by lesson explanation

Foundation-Building a Successful Business

• Get a clear understanding of purpose and function

• Build a solid foundation for expansion

• Meet the compliance requirements to shield your business

Asset Protection-Secure Your Future

• Protect what you are working for

• Understand your options

• Avoid the common mistakes

Tax Reduction-Take Control of Your Taxes

• How to use the tax code as a road map to reduce your taxes and increase your wealth?

• Take control of when and how much you pay in taxes.

Survive and Thrive-Business Mastery

Learn the proven success formula

• To achieve focus

• Fine-tune your vision

• Measure your results

Build the team you need to drive your plan.

The SNAPSHOT offers personalized critical indicators on how to manage your business

Customized road map for your business to show you where you’re at and what you need to do to get where you want to go.

  •  4-Part Secrets of Using a Corporation or LLC Masterclass
  • Live Q & A
  • One-on-One Live Consultation
  • Custom SNAPSHOT for Your Business

Designed for business owners who are already incorporated or have an LLC. For those who should, this webinar unlocks proven, profitable strategies to make you more money while securing your future for financial success.


These are the SECRETS you will learn in this Masterclass

Cash flow

Give yourself an immediate raise no matter what size your current business


Evaluate what's working and what's not. Then put the pieces in place to protect everything you are working for


Surround yourself with the right people who can help you reach your goals and learn to maximize their time and talents for the ultimate value


Structure your business properly to open the doors to additional funding


Learn to increase your income without making more sales


Learn to treat your business like a business and not a hobby

Manage yourself

Start creating your own reality

"I consider Aaron Young one of the finest business thinkers I know. He is relentless in his pursuit of the meaningful value that he can bring to products and partnerships. He possesses a clarity of thought and an ability to focus that I find rare and inspiring. He is also one of the most ethical people I know."

William J. Kelly

"Thank you so very much for the time and care that you gave to me and my business. You were wonderfully patient and you made me feel important & that makes such an encouraging and uplifting difference! You helped me understand the simple changes I could make to grow my business."

Emelyn Saiger

"I would never have any reservations referring a company to Laughlin Associates' as they genuinely provide more than the client will ever anticipate. The Secrets Masterclass gave me an excellent education on running and managing. Thanks again to Laughlin Associates' team for their hard work and attention to detail. We will be doing business with them in the future, and we recommend that your company does as well."

Rameen Rumish

"The Masterclass provided me with the answers to eluding questions, and I am kept informed."

Dan Thomas

"Laughlin is the only company teaching and providing comprehensive programs about using a corporation or LLC for the small business owner."

Tony Caterina

"Thank You for all of your work in preparing yourself in terms of education, dedication, and experience to become the professional you are and for bringing that professionalism to my assistance. As I mentioned at our recent meeting, there is no way for me to accomplish our goals without your quality input."

Bob Lundgren

"As you know, we are a small business operating inĀ Florida and needed your expertise. Because of your professionalism, you have made the experience of operating our corporation easy and painless."

Nancy Mazzarella


Get clear on your Goal. Knowing where you are going is the first step to success.


Identify priorities and stay focused on what counts to build a profitable and thriving business.


If you want your business to look different than it does today then you have to change the way you operate.

NOW is the Time

Get focused on what your business can be to provide long-term PROFIT and PROTECTION

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