Corporate Veil Protection Service

Secure and protect your LLC or Corporation for only $80 a month

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Failure To Protect Your LLC or Corporation Leaves You Personally Exposed

LLC’s and Corporations are powerful business tools. When structured properly, they can provide an impenetrable shield of protection. Unfortunately 95% of business entities aren’t in compliance putting their owners' personal assets at risk.

Shield your personal assets

A corporation or LLC is a separate legal entity, but you must
maintain minutes and resolutions to separate your business
from yourself or, you will be held personally liable.

Keep your company in good standing

A corporation or LLC is a legal entity. Failure to follow the rules
could leave your business stripped of its corporate or LLC
status... leaving you holding the bag.

Don't be left exposed to liability

Failure to maintain your corporate or LLC records will leave
you exposed to liability and tax penalties.

The Corporate Veil Protection Service offers:

• Maintain Corporate Formalities
• Consolidate Your Records
• Track The History of Your Company
• Reduce Risk of Late Penalties
• Keep Your Company In Good Standing
• Streamline Your Business Operations
• Build Business Credit

Join the Corporate Veil Protection Program Today!

Don't do it yourself

The Corporate Veil Protection Service provides maintenance of your corporate documents without the hassle and headaches of doing it yourself.

It doesn't matter if you are a single owner or just getting started. Failure to follow the rules will leave you personally exposed to litigation and tax penalties. Join the Corporate Veil Protection Service and let Laughlin maintain your corporate formalities.

How The Program Works

When you become a member of the Corporate Veil Protection Service you will be contacted by your assigned Corporate Coach within 24 hours. This will be your main contact person through-out the program.

The first step will be to audit your records to determine where you stand with your compliance record keeping. Our first goal is to get your records up-to-date if you’ve fallen behind.

After your records are brought current you will be contacted every month by your personalized Corporate Coach, who will monitor and make sure the actions of the company are being documented properly. You can also request documents to be produced by e-mail or on-line through your password protected digital record book.

Once a document is complete we will send you a hard copy to be signed and inserted into your corporate record book.

Secure The Protection Your LLC or Corporation Provides

Many people form a corporation and think “that is it”; now I can enjoy the asset protection, tax savings and benefits a corporation provides. But without proper corporate formalities…. you are risking your corporation's protection, the asset protection and tax savings provided by a properly maintained corporate structure.

The frightening truth is, every one of the many benefits you get from owning a corporation could disappear if you are not documenting your actions.

It comes down to your corporate records. If they are not up-to-date, in order and squeaky clean, you will lose your corporate status and then all your personal assets will be at risk.

Isn’t it time you bought yourself a little insurance?  The Compass Group Corporate Compliance Programs provide the tools you need to keep your corporation current and up-to-date.

"Thank you for your follow up. Your team has been on top of things for me. I continue to receive emails and phone calls trying to keep me on my time lines. It's been a little slow on my part since I am trying to run a couple of businesses while setting up the entities for asset protection. I feel the program has already paid for it self, before I've even encompassed my assets. "

Tom Soldonia
President, T&D Enterprises, Inc.

"I am writing you to let you know about your employee, Charlene Cadot. Last week, I went to her with a few questions regarding resolutions. One week and 30 resolutions later, we finally got the answers to all the questions. I have been dealing with Charlene for a few years now, but I wanted to bring this situation to your attention because I piled the work on her this time and she assisted me with flying colors. As far as resolutions go, I consider her my right hand. I wish I had more people like her employed in my business. "

Jenifer Kraft
President, Air Performance Services

"When you phoned me this week to see how things were going reminded me that I have been wanting to let you know how appreciative I am for all of your help. As you know, we are a small business operating in California and really needed your expertise. Because of your professionalism you have made the experience of incorporating easy and painless. I will recommend your company, and you specifically, to anyone who needs the kind of services you offer. Again, thank you so much for you assistance."

Nancy Mazzarella
Creative Catering, Inc

"Torres Gonzalez Incorporated and Ines Financial would like to thank Laughlin Associates for their excellent service! We truly appreciate your persistence, knowledge, guidance and expertise. Though it has been difficult, they have been very accommodating and has put forth a best effort working to get our companies in compliance with the program. Thank you for explaining everything in detail, and repeatedly offering help in all our matters."

Bobbie J

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